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10 things that keep a toddler interested

Our sprog number 2, is fast approaching 9 months of age. Here is the latest top ten list of things that hold her attention, that she likes to play with: String or spaghetti An empty cardboard box Labels - be it on clothing or muslin squares Her own feet… more »

Tesco pricing - Action man figures

The new "armed forces" action man figure (they always were armed forces!) that were selling in Asda and Tesco before Christmas, for £15.00 (same price? How unusual... *monopoly* disguised as price matching - both equally over priced!) are now being… more »

Toy quality is very poor

Back in the 70's there were two standards of toys, the ones made in Great Britain and those made in Taiwan. Price wise, of course the British made toys cost a bit more, but they could survive the 70's child's hammerings. The running joke at the time was… more »

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