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6 weeks school holiday dad - Baby progress, friends and helping people out

The transformation in the past week or so, in sprog2 has been nothing short of amazing. All those times we have encouraged hand clapping, standing, walking, dancing, talking, etc, which led to nothing happening and left us being looked at as if we were… more »

6 weeks school holiday dad - Baby sign language, electrics and nettle stings

I have been teaching sprog2 little bits of baby sign language since she could open her eyes, in the same way I taught sprog1 to play chess when he was two years old, I figure if I get them young enough they'll find it easier to pick up. Imagine my total… more »

6 weeks school holiday dad - Measles, driving and visitors

It has been a week since I last posted, a week of complete madness! Measles: Sprog2 has been refused an appointment to see our local doctor, who then miraculously changed their mind and deemed it an emergency case and found a slot, once a rash came into… more »

6 weeks school holiday dad - Christmas shopping in August

6 weeks school holiday dad - Christmas shopping in August
Day fourteen: I don't go out with the intention of Christmas shopping, but when a real bargain comes along, not just the old "Now half price" offer thats been doubled in price the month before and returned to it's original price in the "sale," then it… more »

6 weeks school holiday dad - cloudy

Day twelve: I will check the outside of my windows today, I'm sure that someone came round about four weeks ago and put grey tinted film on my windows, as everytime I look outside it's grey! Where has all the sunshine gone? Wondered into a travel agents… more »

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