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Direct line - hiding negative website feedback

Direct line - hiding negative website feedback
Regular readers of my rants will know, that I cannot stand Direct line car insurance. I was insured with direct line for 14 years, as well as 13 years for my better half and 2 years for sprog1. In all that time and with just four changes of vehicle, my… more »

Direct line double the cost of my car insurance

Direct line have more than DOUBLED the price of my car insurance. Not one single advisor, underwriter or administration staff can give me a valid reason for doing it. Was £29 per month, it will now be increased to £60 per calendar month - for the… more »

Companies taking people's budget gains

Companies are pre-empting the budget and taking the tax breaks that the government are giving us all. The government needs to step in sort this mess out, any help that people get from the powers that be, is given to them in lower taxation but more than… more »

Direct line motor insurance

Direct line motor insurance
According to Direct line (motor insurance) the following events demonstrate how they "help" their customers: For 8 years with the same car (basic 1600cc), the price rises every year at the renewal, to a price above what the same policy would cost a new… more »

Companies I wish never existed - Direct line car insurance

Direct line car insurance - not just direct line, but all insurance companies. (I have chosen direct line as they do our car insurance) Why is it that what ever I do always ends up costing me more money? I changed our vehicle today, went through all the… more »

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