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Dad diary - Broken glass, kitchens, plumbing, housework and a walking sprog!

For the purposes of saving time, this dad diary entry will be done in bullet format. Stormy night, bird feeder blew off the washing post and smashed 3 panes of glass on the greenhouse. Don't mind that, but getting glass out of grass is impossible A… more »

Why my job?

I work part time as a "dinner man" - dinner lady with yard duties - anyways, I was asked a couple of weeks ago, why I do my job, as it is unusual for a bloke to do this line of work. To be honest, there isn't a single reason why, I just do this job… more »

Works Christmas party

My frugal gene works overtime with christmas approaching, the "fatastic sale" prices have to be negotiated, the triple layer marketing campaigns targeted at us have to be avoided, the common sense approach to present buying has to be applied. One area… more »

Typical Monday

A typical Monday, everything everywhere. It started early - 6am - sprog1 was due at hospital for an outpatients appointment, had bad guts most of the night, very tired. Got to the hospital just in time for his appointment, 7.30am, sat down and waited… more »

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