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Car insurance companies delaying claims for profit

Has your car insurance company delayed a claim for increased profits? more »

Car insurance - person or vehicle?

In pre price comparison website times (ie, run by journalists posing as "experts") - as with most other industries today - the car insurance industry was run, where the customer was king. The prices charged for your car insurance policy were based on a… more »

Car insurance - person or vehicle?

Is car insurance for the individual or the vehicle? more »

Company fail - Churchill car insurance

Churchill car insurance take a bow, you are the latest company to fail when trying to sort out a customer account. To put it bluntly, you just don't get it! Simple issue, car insurance renewal, big increase (to be expected from all companies), on the… more »

Greedy people destroy trust in others

As posted back in February 2011, see link above, I have been investigating why a scratch on a 10 year old car bumper, no bigger than my thumbnail, first cost an estimated £152 to repair, then finally cost £554 when the bill for the work was received… more »