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Are bank charges fraudulent?

I believe that some bank charges are in breach of the fraud act 2006. A real example: You have £100 left in your account. You make an authorised card payment for £60 (leaving a £40 balance on your account) A direct debit, of £50 is due out of your… more »

Avoid unpaid direct debit bank charges

Bank's love to charge for each unpaid direct debit (and knock on overdraft charges, etc), it makes huge profits from them, it knows this, their customers know this, the powers that be know it. So avoiding running up unpaid direct debit charges (and… more »

OFT drops bank charges challenge

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) have dropped their challenge to the banks, regarding their overdraft fees. I am personally disgusted at this! The new supreme court ruled in favour of the banks (against all expectations and two previous rulings by the… more »

Lord Phillips - OFT v banks - to announce decision

Just had an email from the penalty charges team over at penaltycharges.co.uk informing me that a ruling could be due to be announced on the case of the OFT versus the banks, as regards the OFT having the power to take action against bank charges.… more »