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7 days on the breadline - final episode

The final episode of 7 days on the breadline, was more reflective of what has happened in the last two episodes, rather than anything that actually happened. Mel B - had to face the wrath of a teenager so distant, it sometimes seems like they are in… more »

7 days on the breadline - episode 2

Last night was episode 2 of the series, where four "stars" move in with a family and attempt to live "on the breadline" Mel B has to look after six kids on a limited income. To her credit she tried to use her influence to help them out, free gym… more »

7 days on the breadline

7 days on the breadline is a three part series starts tonight (at 9pm) on itv1 and for once it looks like being a series that is not about promoting former "celebs" - but looks at real people, ie. people like you and me. I know how hard times are for… more »