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Comment from: Anon [Visitor]
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I am in an office on my own, all our other offices are leaving at 1pm Christmas eve but I have to stay here, on my own, until 5pm. My boss said she would call to check ‘everything was ok’ at 4:50… Merry Christmas!

23/12/10 @ 16:33
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter

That’s absolutely disgraceful!
Unless of course you work for an emergency service, there can be no excuse for treating staff so badly!

It is Christmas, a time for goodwill to all, I miss the days when at lunchtime on Christmas eve, all business’ closed and a week/few days off were in order.

A very merry Christmas to you my friend, I’d be tempted to make something up so that your boss has to return and sort it out.

23/12/10 @ 18:38
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