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Is microsoft operating a cartel with their corporate partners?

Are Microsoft operating a cartel with corporate partners, to force people to buy new equipment and operating systems for their internet use? more »

Seaview holiday park Kent - review

Seaview holiday camp in Whitstable Kent, how did they do... more »

IDE to Sata, reusing your old hard drive

Reuse your old IDE drive in your SATA computer... more »

Complaining to companies using twitter

Firing off an email or letter in writing, can be an effective way to highlight your problems directly with a company. Facebook groups are another way of course, but increasingly popular is the twitter complaint. Not just another "group of moaners" using… more »

Warm front scheme complaint

Warm front scheme complaint
Warm front turn a simple system into a taxpayer funded, money making scheme!
In principal, the warm front scheme is a reliable way of bringing boilers up to date, improving heating in homes, improving insulation to retain heat and save energy. In practice, from start to finish in this case, warm front has been completely… more »