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Office of Fair Trading cannot rule on overdraft fees?

The supreme court's ruling today, that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) cannot investigate on overdraft fees charged to customers, if they are unfair or not, is yet another smack in the teeth for the people of the UK. The immediate question it raises,… more »

Taxing a car - a farce and a rip off!

A few years ago, before we were pushed into doing everything "online" I always taxed cars at the post office. I would tax cars for family, friends, etc. In the past few years in computer land, I have been taxing my car only, using the online system… more »

Use cash instead of banks

For years we have had the benefits of banks thrust in our faces and seen them take over every aspect of our lives, isn't it time that cash, once again, became king? "Convenience costs" - I am sure we would all agree, I don't believe that banks can any… more »

Halifax - Bank of Scotland bank card system crashes

Halifax and Bank of Scotland ATM cards are not working this morning, as their systems have crashed. This includes terminals in shops and stores. The system could be off for many hours it is being reported, not good for saturday shopping!… more »

Lord Phillips - OFT v banks - to announce decision

Just had an email from the penalty charges team over at informing me that a ruling could be due to be announced on the case of the OFT versus the banks, as regards the OFT having the power to take action against bank charges.… more »