Category: "Money chat"

Customer pay outs when companies fail to turn up!

A typical scenario, I believe, is happening everyday in the UK: Customer has a fault with equipment and/or a service Customer rings company to report it and have it repaired Company promise an engineer will be sent out to correct the fault Customer sits… more »

O2 MMS problems

Have you ever tried to send a picture message (or MMS) to the USA? I sent one the other day, to a friend in New York, all they received was a text message, telling them to visit the o2 website to collect the picture. So, as I was sorting out my contract… more »

Thrifty victories at the supermarket

Supermarket's make huge profits on the exploitation of their customers! They know for example, that if winter's coming, that people will buy more heinz soup. Guess what happens in the run up to winter? That's right, the price shoots up for no apparent… more »

Stop debt collection phone calls and visits!

How to stop debt collection phone calls and doorstep visits more »

Tesco pricing - Action man figures

The new "armed forces" action man figure (they always were armed forces!) that were selling in Asda and Tesco before Christmas, for £15.00 (same price? How unusual... *monopoly* disguised as price matching - both equally over priced!) are now being… more »