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Careers advice for 7 year olds?

What did you want to do when you were 7 years old? For me, I wanted to be an astronaut, for a week or so, then a footballer, then a train driver, then an astronaut again... The sooner we let our children be children again the better, social breakdown in… more »

Halloween crackdown by police

Halloween is also known as "mischief night" in some areas of the country, eggs and flour are thrown etc, that kind of thing. It is only this way for a selective age group, from around 13 to 16 year olds, it is harmless, of course most parents will have… more »

Defending a charging order

It is essential, that should a bank, building society, loan company, etc. be requesting a charging order through the court system in England and Wales, that you defend against it! When a charging order is sought after, it secures an outstanding debt… more »

Abbey online banking still not working

Abbey's online banking system has failed now for more than four days. I cannot log on, cannot get a balance, cannot move money, pay bills online, etc. There are no notices at all on the abbey website, telling customers what is going on, when it will be… more »

Cat hair removal tip

We have a short piled wilton carpet in the front room. We have tried three dysons, each failing to remove our long haired cat's hairs from it, each one simply spreads the hair around and it can take upto an hour with the vacuum to lift most of it. Dyson… more »