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World cup cashback offers - BEWARE!

Anything and everything has been promoted with a link to the world cup finals in South Africa, in a bid to sell you something. One of the most common so far, are the television cashback offers. The Time's reported on Saturday that those offering money… more »

10 things that keep a toddler interested

Our sprog number 2, is fast approaching 9 months of age. Here is the latest top ten list of things that hold her attention, that she likes to play with: String or spaghetti An empty cardboard box Labels - be it on clothing or muslin squares Her own feet… more »

Work surface cleaners

Why people continue to buy ever more expensive work top cleaning products, is beyond me. Take a one litre ordinary spray bottle - available from pound shops - write on the label in big black letters "BLEACH" - then add about an inch of bleach and fill… more »

Customer pay outs when companies fail to turn up!

A typical scenario, I believe, is happening everyday in the UK: Customer has a fault with equipment and/or a service Customer rings company to report it and have it repaired Company promise an engineer will be sent out to correct the fault Customer sits… more »

Eon key meter failings - Eon staff must do better!

Eon fitted us a smart key meter - after paying for credit to go on the meter, the emergency £5 credit was showing at nil and unavailable, Eon staff insisted that it was my fault and that I had used the "emergency" before my own credit ran out! Here isÂ… more »