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Baby food - who to believe?

I grew up in the 1970s with the addage that eating everything in moderation is good. We never had central heating until into the 1980s, we had ice on the insides of windows on winter mornings, then again we rarely knew anyone with asthma. We ate… more »

Our survey says - anything that will increase our company sales!

Surveys, reports and awards are self promotion to protect business more »

Pensioner's December gas bill more than trebles!

When paid by direct debit, a pensioner friend of the website was paying £40 per month for their gas supply. Back in August 2009, their six monthly statement showed they were in credit, but as we hear all to often, it "will level itself out over the… more »

Stop snow from getting on car seats

In the snow, it is easy to clear the windscreen and side windows off, then you open your car door and whoosh! The snow around the edge of your door gets sucked into the car and all over your seat. You probably try in vane to dust it off and just like… more »

Eon key meter failings - Eon staff must do better!

Eon fitted us a smart key meter - after paying for credit to go on the meter, the emergency £5 credit was showing at nil and unavailable, Eon staff insisted that it was my fault and that I had used the "emergency" before my own credit ran out! Here isÂ… more »