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Thrifty victories at the supermarket

Supermarket's make huge profits on the exploitation of their customers! They know for example, that if winter's coming, that people will buy more heinz soup. Guess what happens in the run up to winter? That's right, the price shoots up for no apparent… more »

Windows Media Player cannot play this file because...

The purpose of any media player, is to play media, DVD,CD, MP3, etc, all on your computer, easily, quickly and error free. So why are there so many problems and issues with windows media player? Mrs frugal has a laptop, she uses it rarely, but on… more »

Migraines hurt!

At the age of 17, I was diagnosed as a migraine sufferer. This meant that after a few serious headaches in the previous 3 or 4 years, I finally had an explanation about what was happening to me, each time I was knocked off my feet for three days at a… more »

Huggies value box size 3 - review

Huggies value box size 3 - review
We had problems with Huggies size 1 nappies in a multi pack, with leaking at the sides of the nappies. Several changes of clothes later it was apparent that it was not just the odd nappy, nor was it the way we were putting them on. So when we picked up… more »

The magic of feet?

All the toys and teddys, all the people in and out, all the music and dvds, all the animals walking past and the noise, all of which make no difference at all to sprog2. When she sees her feet, that's the centre of her world! SHARETHIS.addEntry( { title… more »