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Why won't the Charity Commission take action against illegal charity doorstep clothing collections?

Case summary: - A charity post a clothing collection bag (ignoring a clear notice not to post bags/flyers through my letterbox), I return it to the agent, who then throws it in my garden when I have gone back inside the house. - I rang my local council… more »

Car insurance - Customers are being ripped off!

Without exception, I know of no one that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, who thinks all is well with the world of car insurance! The reason why was brought home to me only this week. Back in October, I was driving towards my school, where I was… more »

Doorstep clothing collection scams - What's being done about it?

Charity backed leaflets and/or collection bags are being posted in letterboxes all over England. Most of the companies and/or charities doing the collections, do not have a license to do so, which makes even posting bags/leaflets a criminal offence. It… more »

Supermarkets are creating waste

I would normally post this in our supermarket section, I decided to place it in here, as it could have gone in our gardening section also. Supermarket domination of food sales is well documented, but what I witnessed today in our local Asda, summed up… more »

Charity commission response to our Little Treasures Children's trust complaint

Weeks after registering a complaint in writing, via the Charity commission's own website ( we finally have a response to our complaint, regarding Little Treasures Children's trust - posting collection bags and returning to… more »