Categories: "Common sense"

Stop snow from getting on car seats

In the snow, it is easy to clear the windscreen and side windows off, then you open your car door and whoosh! The snow around the edge of your door gets sucked into the car and all over your seat. You probably try in vane to dust it off and just like… more »

Nappy rash - try vaseline

There are a vast selection of fancy creams and lotions around to help prevent and to relieve nappy rash. Without doubt the best method we have come across (and one of the cheapest), is good old fashioned vaseline. Rubbed well in, vaseline creates a… more »

Companies I wish never existed - Direct line car insurance

Direct line car insurance - not just direct line, but all insurance companies. (I have chosen direct line as they do our car insurance) Why is it that what ever I do always ends up costing me more money? I changed our vehicle today, went through all the… more »

1970's probiotic

As a child, I had a pro biotic everyday of my life during the 1970s, it was called unpasteurised milk and I had it in my brews and on my breakfast. Of course, it would never be given to a child under two years old or to an elderly person, much the same… more »

Store staff working at scrooge companies

Sent out for a late present this Christmas Eve, as a favour to someone else, I was given a flashback to the unrecognised plight of the humble shop/store worker. Whilst working for Halfords many moons ago, a tactic they would do (besides cutting staffing… more »