Categories: "Common sense"

Wood for free!

Wood, boards, lengths of 3 x 2, plyboard, triple plyboards, etc, are a valuable commodity. All this wood is available for free, if you know where to look for it! When a builder works on an house extension, he builds around the house, then cuts the walls… more »

New baby coming - what to buy?

When your new baby is about to arrive, the temptation is to buy lots of things and with the price of baby things going through the roof, it makes frugal sense not to go overboard! Every company under the sun wants to sell you something, wants you to… more »

Companies taking people's budget gains

Companies are pre-empting the budget and taking the tax breaks that the government are giving us all. The government needs to step in sort this mess out, any help that people get from the powers that be, is given to them in lower taxation but more than… more »

Santander/Abbey - 5 bags of change a day only!

It is reassuring to know, that Santander bank have their customer's best interests at heart and that security at their branches is of paramount importance... Unless of course, you actually need to use one of their branches! It has taken four (that's… more »

Work surface cleaners

Why people continue to buy ever more expensive work top cleaning products, is beyond me. Take a one litre ordinary spray bottle - available from pound shops - write on the label in big black letters "BLEACH" - then add about an inch of bleach and fill… more »