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Avoid unpaid direct debit bank charges

Bank's love to charge for each unpaid direct debit (and knock on overdraft charges, etc), it makes huge profits from them, it knows this, their customers know this, the powers that be know it. So avoiding running up unpaid direct debit charges (and… more »

Warm front scheme complaint

Warm front scheme complaint
Warm front turn a simple system into a taxpayer funded, money making scheme!
In principal, the warm front scheme is a reliable way of bringing boilers up to date, improving heating in homes, improving insulation to retain heat and save energy. In practice, from start to finish in this case, warm front has been completely… more »

Be thrifty by being organised

One of my biggest failings, is being unorganised. As anyone who knows me will tell you I am forever running out of time. Being frugal/thrifty, can be helped by organising your time more effectively. It could be shopping a month earlier for christmas… more »

When the Financial ombudsman service are not impartial

With hundreds of thousands of individuals putting their trust in the independance of the Financial Ombudsman's service (FOS) every working day, to resolve their disputes, at the very least, after the months to deal with a case, you would expect them to… more »

Save money when renting goods

Many people still rent their televisions, freeview recorders, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, etc. With a simple phone call, you can reduce how much you pay for these items. Every so often throughout the year, the rental price of each item is… more »