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Home made consumer protection

I have been kicking around an idea for a while now, so I thought I would share it with you, regarding protecting myself and my family on major purchases, in effect, home made consumer protection. We had to purchase a car a couple of years ago, with two… more »

Frugal choices - Goodbye gas, hello coal!

solid fuel coal fire
"Efficient" is using a coal fire instead of British Gas
One thing I have learned in recent years, is that a person can only be frugal in any way, when they introduce CHOICE. Choice has become the enemy of business in recent years, once the individual has a choice, then they can see right through what the… more »

HETAS coal fire confusion?

HETAS - the official body of solid fuel domestic heating appliances, fuels and services - are recognised by the government for approval of appliances. HETAS can recommend installers, solid fuel types and chimney sweeps. Unfortunately, the installation… more »

Stay frugal this Christmas eve

The clock has struck 12 here, tis now Christmas eve! We are all in the "marketing" zone, whereby fears and worries about forgetting a gift, food shopping, etc, are at a height never seen at any other timeƂ in the entire calendar year. No matter how… more »

Save the tradition of bonfire night!

Bonfire night Jimmy Forsyth
Traditional English bonfire night in 1957
Traditions are passed on to children around the world by their families, but here in the UK traditions are being watered down and allowed to disappear. It is not very thrifty, to pay out for the ever increasing costs of fireworks, but the costs of… more »