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Comment from: Bronson [Visitor]
1 stars

British gas are brilliant, your a knob

06/09/12 @ 16:07
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter

Straight to the point, good stuff.
Thanks for the feedback

06/09/12 @ 17:38
Comment from: David Comer [Visitor]
David Comer
5 stars

read off your plight ,wish me luck,same situation.bye the way who the hell is bronson? What a dick.

16/09/12 @ 12:09
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter

Good luck with that David, as for Bronson’s comment, all feedback is welcomed :O)

19/09/12 @ 10:23
Comment from: Ray [Visitor]

The Whole lot of the energy companies must have rising prices capped by the government, that’s the real disgrace ever increasing costs when world energy prices are falling, a case of putting profits first as usual, if Labour are elected all that needs to be done is to nationalise one energy company and retail energy prices at a low cost, the rest of the energy companies either follow suit of go bust, that’s the answer…

01/08/17 @ 13:26
Comment from: [Member]
Value hunter

Do you think a change of government will change much Ray?
I think it’s more to do with the generators of energy, holding suppliers to ransom.
As I post, only around £87 separates the so called “top ten” providers of dual fuel over a year.
We could have 300 suppliers, but if they are buying from the same 7 or 8 generators, nothing much will change. The energy market is broken IMO.

05/08/17 @ 14:05
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